Years end and no resolution in sight.

Back in early 2016scales-of-justice, the 1st mortgage officially filed a lawsuit against the owners (and all lien holders) of the Burbank Theater, Santa Clara County Superior Court Case @115CV284426.

So what has happened in almost 2 years?

Lawyers have come and gone replaced by newer lawyers, each time adding new delays.

New defendants have showed up with claims, only to be retracted or never followed through in later hearings.

The clerks office went on strike further delaying default judgement, and 1st mortgage has been waiting till each new case management conference to do anything… So the case is now scheduled for it’s next action “in the next 90 days” with the only hard-ish date now set for April 2018.

The light at the end of the tunnel?  It’s there somewhere, the good news now is – it’s very clear who the owners are and who the owners are not.

Happy New Year everyone!

End of June 2018 update: Case dismissed? Strange doesn’t even begin to explain this; the judicial foreclosure was dismissed by the bank without any explanation.  This implies the 1st mortgage will return to a standard foreclosure, but no date has been publicly set at this time, and they are not returning Email or Phone calls.

2 thoughts on “Years end and no resolution in sight.

  1. Ali Roohi

    To whom it may concern,

    I noticed recently signs to rent this theater building again. I would love to learn more as my non profit organization is looking for a building. and we love burbank theater!

    do you have any info?

    1. burbanktheater Post author

      Hi there,

      The signs to rent the theater have been there non-stop for 4+ years, they never came down. It’s unclear what the legal status of the building is, so make sure you discuss with a real-estate lawyer before you proceed.


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