Parkmoor fence fixed! Kudos to County DA and Code Enforcement!

In one of those stories we all wish we could have been a fly on a wall for… the District Attorney’s office working with Code Enforcement of Santa Clara County – were able to get the fence on Parkmoor fixed! ¬†Looks fantastic.burbank-theater-san-jose-parkmoor-fence-is-fixed

Although it is a bit concerning that pieces of tree and pieces of wood are sitting on the sidewalk, at least the fence is fixed, the graffiti is gone and the homeless that were living here have we hope decided to find themselves more permanent solutions to their problems!

Special thanks to the County of Santa Clara’s District Attorney’s office, and the Santa Clara County Code Enforcement division!

3 thoughts on “Parkmoor fence fixed! Kudos to County DA and Code Enforcement!

    1. burbanktheater Post author

      Hello again Joshua,

      The Judicial Foreclosure proceedings on the Theater are in process and proceeding, we are expecting the court to make decisions on next steps soon.

      As for the Fenced off property, we don’t have any new information – last we heard the update was posted on NextDoor – that just said the owners were testing soil to determine the scope of the environmental pollution.

  1. Joshua

    Thanks for your reply. It’s too bad these things take so long. I’m really excited to have some progress on the theater, property next to it, old bank at the corner of Bascom and San Carlos, or anything else in that area. Even snippet of information would be something. I’ve contacted city and county departmens and can’t find any details on anything. Waiting is all we can do i suppose. Thanks again!


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