3 thoughts on “Foreclosure Delayed – Again!

  1. Joshua

    Are you still trying to get it or no longer? A couple months ago I donated shine money to you to help keep/restore it. I’m hoping that money didn’t just get used for any other purpose. Please let me know. Thanks.

    1. burbanktheater Post author

      Joshua, sorry for the slow reply… certainly we (Mariposa Productions LLC) are still working on this. Although solving this from the bank end – as shown will take over $2 million at this time, our total donations were no where near that.

      So your donation and everyone else who donated to the Indiegogo campaign – has had their monies allocated to installing additional security cameras, and we’ve started repainting portions of the building that we have legal rights over (as our “Studio Sharise” Performing and Creative Arts business is located in the upstairs Unit). But without clear ownership what we can do right now is limited.

      So really we are in a holding pattern till the bank finishes the foreclosure.

      Thank you again for your donation, and thank you for your follow up.

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