We have an easy method for you to donate to the cause of saving the Burbank Theater.

Using this Paypal Form – you can Donate any amount, each dollar donated will be set aside to be used for exterior repairs or general maintenance of the Theater, turning the eyesore of the Burbank District back into the proud tall pillar of the community is what we all want to see.



Did you really want to help save the Theater?  But you really NEED a Tax Deduction?

“Studio Sharise” the only Tenant in the Burbank Theater for going on 2 years now, has a clear mission in mind, they want to expand their business into the rest of the Theater, why?  They see this place as a true Creative and Performance Arts Center.

If you want to save the Theater by helping “Studio Sharise” achieve their goals, then please Fiscally Sponsor “Studio Sharise” through Fractured Atlas (a large non-profit organization dedicated to bringing the Arts to all) – your FULLY TAX DEDUCTIBLE DONATION will fund the various community outreach, low income, youth programs, that “Studio Sharise” does on a constant basis. Your DONATION will help grow “Studio Sharise” and in turn they will expand into and refurbish the rest of the Theater!

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