Code Enforcement knocks out the graffiti again!

September 15 – we found graffiti once again on the theater, a quick call to Santa Clara County Sheriffs and case numbers and photos were reported.  But then how to handle removal of the graffiti as we didn’t want to wait too long to get it removed. To our surprise a report to Code Enforcement at 10am resulted in a crew onsite and the graffiti was gone before 4pm!  WOW!



We want to extend our most sincere thanks to the Code Enforcement (Department of Planning and Development for Santa Clara County) – you all are doing a fantastic job keeping the entry to the Burbank district looking great!! Thank you!

3 thoughts on “Code Enforcement knocks out the graffiti again!

  1. Joshua

    Nothing new for a long time… Any news to report? Really want Ru know what the building and surrounding fenced in area will become. Thanks

  2. joshua

    I donated money to this a couple years ago. There has been no updates to this web site nor responses to my comment back in December. I feel cheated.

  3. burbanktheater Post author


    No way to make the courts move any faster, we have posted the court case information at superior court of santa clara county. That is where things are at.

    Next update likely wont happen till mid July, where hopefully the court case will be decided.


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