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Code Enforcement knocks out the graffiti again!

September 15 – we found graffiti once again on the theater, a quick call to Santa Clara County Sheriffs and case numbers and photos were reported.  But then how to handle removal of the graffiti as we didn’t want to wait too long to get it removed. To our surprise a report to Code Enforcement at 10am resulted in a crew onsite and the graffiti was gone before 4pm!  WOW!



We want to extend our most sincere thanks to the Code Enforcement (Department of Planning and Development for Santa Clara County) – you all are doing a fantastic job keeping the entry to the Burbank district looking great!! Thank you!

Sometimes is feels like it’s an endless battle… graffiti


Some days… the Burbank Theater is really hard to walk into… you look around at the latest round of graffiti and say to yourself… is it worth the endless battle?

Then we snap out of it – call the sheriff they come right away always surprised when anyone reports anything at the Burbank Theater.  They are always somewhat shocked that anyone cares, but we care.

We care enough to call, we insist on a criminal report number… and then we take our time and review all the security camera footage.

2016-07-09-graffiti-at-burbank-theater-again4 2016-07-09-graffiti-at-burbank-theater-again32016-07-09-graffiti-at-burbank-theater-again2

Then because we’ve been through this so many times, out comes the paint rollers, the paint cans, the extension ladders, etc.. and voilla gone in 60 seconds… 🙂  well ok… gone in 60 minutes.


But the best part is… once we finish reviewing the security camera footage… and we get to send the latest round of graffitist – picture to the sherriff.  Right down to their 1:40am till 1:53am timeline, the color of their red shoes, their silly shorts… and the smug look on their faces looking up at their amazing grafitti job – as the cameras are looking directly down into their faces.  It’s the part that makes it all worth it.

Parkmoor fence fixed! Kudos to County DA and Code Enforcement!

In one of those stories we all wish we could have been a fly on a wall for… the District Attorney’s office working with Code Enforcement of Santa Clara County – were able to get the fence on Parkmoor fixed!  Looks fantastic.burbank-theater-san-jose-parkmoor-fence-is-fixed

Although it is a bit concerning that pieces of tree and pieces of wood are sitting on the sidewalk, at least the fence is fixed, the graffiti is gone and the homeless that were living here have we hope decided to find themselves more permanent solutions to their problems!

Special thanks to the County of Santa Clara’s District Attorney’s office, and the Santa Clara County Code Enforcement division!

Fence is fixed! Who do we thank? Caltrans, San Jose DOT, some concerned neighbor?

As many know this corner at Parkmoor Ave and South Bascom Ave in San Jose, CA – is one of those places where depending on how you look at it – it’s either the State of California (CalTrans), or the City of San Jose (Department of Transportation), or it’s the County of Santa Clara (Roads and Airports), we’ve even been told it was Parks and Recreations?is-this-fence-ever-going-to-be-fixed-july-04-2015

So it’s no great surprise that this corner gets neglected, interestingly – while we were working through the list of people who may have jurisdiction / responsibly for getting this fence secured (as this is a direct path to Highway 280)…

Someone fixed the fence!  So we don’t know who to thank… maybe Caltrans? maybe City of San Jose? maybe a local concerned neighbor (like us) who got sick of it and just decided to fix it?

Regardless thank you to whomever or whichever agency did the work! Greatly appreciated!  As this is the walkway that leads to the Burbank Theater, having that fence secured is one more simple way people walking this corridor can feel safe.

It’s just tree trimming! City? County? State? Feds?

For those of you who remember your Civics classes (if you had them in school), the separation of powers can sometimes get very confusing.  For example… as shown here.

This picture is the bridge going over highway 280 in San Jose, CA.  So when there is a small bush that is quietly growing into a tree in the drive lane… who do you call?  Is it the City?  This is also at the corner of Parkmoor and S. Bascom Avenue, which means it’s on the San Jose City Limit, so do you call the County?  But then it’s on a bridge that was built as part of Highway 280, so do you call the Federal Government?  But then the Federal Highways are technically a joint venture with the State – so do you call the State of California?hey-look-its-a-tree-in-the-road-july-04-2015

And then… if at the end of the bridge – there is a small road sign that says – don’t turn right.  But you can’t see it because of a tree/bush that is growing up from the embankment of the highway – then who do you call?is-there-a-road-sign-there-july-04-2015

We decided to start with a 2 prong approach, and we decided contact both the City of San Jose, and the County of Santa Clara.

So continuing on the vague recollection of Civics class – we then looked up the “District Maps” of San Jose – and voilla!  District 6 – – Councilman Pier Oliverio.

Then doing the same with the County – District 4 – – Supervisor Ken Yeager.

So off go the emails at 8PM… and what happens?

Councilman Pier Oliverio – answers at 9pm!  Wow! And his reply said he’ll look into who to route our request too!  Great Service!

Supervisor Ken Yeager’s office – replies the next morning by 11am – stating they’d routed the request to the Roads and Airports department of Santa Clara County.

So fantastic service from both our City Councilman and our County Supervisor!

THEN…. something amazing happens.

We get an email at 2:20pm – and a picture… it seems the actual jurisdiction was CalTrans (the State of California) – however the West Yard division of the Roads and Airports (Santa Clara County) took it upon themselves to grab their gear and run out and just solve the problem!  So just want to extend a special thank you to the West Yard division!  Our streets are now safer due to your quick response!