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While the future is still uncertain, you can participate.

burbank-community-association-santa-clara-countyThe most common question we receive is… what is going to happen to the historic theater and signage that is the gateway into the Burbank district.  While the future is still uncertain, you can participate by joining or attending the local community meetings.

Burbank Theater and the tower sign while surrounded on all sides by the City of San Jose, today continues to be part of the unincorporated sections of Santa Clara County, the community association works closely with the Santa Clara County Supervisor for the District and in a model that we all would hope is how the United States of America really does work.  The Supervisor or staff from District 4 personally attend each community meeting.

Finally your attendance, thoughts, and voice directly matter – as the County has nearly full discretion on what changes happen.  For example, if a new developer wanted to come in and bulldoze the Theater and toss the Tower sign into landfill.  The County Supervisor would very likely either be able to stop that process completely, or delay it until the community was heard and the concerns met.

If you live or care about the outcome of the Burbank Theater or the Tower Sign itself; please consider attending or joining the Burbank Community Association of Santa Clara County.


Sometimes is feels like it’s an endless battle… graffiti


Some days… the Burbank Theater is really hard to walk into… you look around at the latest round of graffiti and say to yourself… is it worth the endless battle?

Then we snap out of it – call the sheriff they come right away always surprised when anyone reports anything at the Burbank Theater.  They are always somewhat shocked that anyone cares, but we care.

We care enough to call, we insist on a criminal report number… and then we take our time and review all the security camera footage.

2016-07-09-graffiti-at-burbank-theater-again4 2016-07-09-graffiti-at-burbank-theater-again32016-07-09-graffiti-at-burbank-theater-again2

Then because we’ve been through this so many times, out comes the paint rollers, the paint cans, the extension ladders, etc.. and voilla gone in 60 seconds… 🙂  well ok… gone in 60 minutes.


But the best part is… once we finish reviewing the security camera footage… and we get to send the latest round of graffitist – picture to the sherriff.  Right down to their 1:40am till 1:53am timeline, the color of their red shoes, their silly shorts… and the smug look on their faces looking up at their amazing grafitti job – as the cameras are looking directly down into their faces.  It’s the part that makes it all worth it.

Parkmoor fence fixed! Kudos to County DA and Code Enforcement!

In one of those stories we all wish we could have been a fly on a wall for… the District Attorney’s office working with Code Enforcement of Santa Clara County – were able to get the fence on Parkmoor fixed!  Looks fantastic.burbank-theater-san-jose-parkmoor-fence-is-fixed

Although it is a bit concerning that pieces of tree and pieces of wood are sitting on the sidewalk, at least the fence is fixed, the graffiti is gone and the homeless that were living here have we hope decided to find themselves more permanent solutions to their problems!

Special thanks to the County of Santa Clara’s District Attorney’s office, and the Santa Clara County Code Enforcement division!

Greed, Danger and Homeless

When you see this building with it’s dangerous broken fence, you probably wouldn’t think “Greedy Landlord” but… that’s what this is… in early Summer 2015 – there was a car accident.burbank-theater-parkmoor-fence-dangerous-and-homeless-camp

So what happened after the car accident? Well the insurance company called the Tenants of the building asking how to contact the Owner of the building… So what happened after the insurance company had the information about the Owner (Landlord). Almost nothing… and if you look carefully it looks like this fence was hit more than 1 time… So the owner gets paid once maybe twice to fix a fence that directly provides security to people walking on this sidewalk… what does he do?  No idea… maybe he put up the piece of plywood and the 2×10… maybe some concerned citizen did.

So one of the 2 damaged sections of this fence are sort of not going to fall on people… the other hole? Great place it seems for the latest homeless camp.  The Sheriff Department has been kind enough to “drive by” stop and shine a spotlight into this area below the Theater on a semi-regular basis… but every day there is more and more trash.

So what do you get with a greedy Landlord – in this case a new Homeless camp. sigh.

And really what’s the only way to fix this? Some concerned Citizen spends a lot of money… Some government agency needs to fix it (with your taxes)… or we continue to wait till some day, week, month, year – when the bank forecloses and takes this property away from this greedy owner.

Graffiti once again


Well on the morning of October 17th, it appears it was once again time to deal with Graffiti – officers were onsite by 10am, it was completely cleaned up within an hour by Studio Sharise. And digital camera records were reviewed and information provided to the Sheriff Department by end of day.

Special thanks to the Santa Clara Sheriff’s department for coming quickly, and the great follow up in reviewing camera footage.  We later were told a very large number of businesses were hit the same night, from San Carlos to Leigh Avenue.2015-10-17-graffiti-at-burbank-theater-again

Independence from bad paint day!

Hope everyone is having a great 4th of July.  Here’s what we did for the Independence Day!  Freedom from bad paint!  We matched the stonework color on the ground, and used that to paint the wall of the building… silly little stairs painted as we get another camera installed facing south to watch the entire property to Parkmoor.burbank-theater-fresh-paint-and-more-cameras-july-04-2015-south


Also as you may see in the picture – having a harder time matching the green tile-work as shown by the entry door to “Studio Sharise” the color is too much an army green by mistake the joys of trying to match colors without a proper color chart!  And then the “maroon” around the door-frame is a bit too brownish-red; oh well – we’ll call it “primer” before we try another pass at the colors.

Puddles forming inside sub-ceiling from upper roof leaks

Unit 552A upstairs water leaking from around light (click for super large image)

Unit 552A upstairs water leaking from around light (click for super large image)

Update to the 12/7/2013 post.

On further investigation – this upper ceiling is a sub-ceiling – large amounts of water leaked from the compromised upper roof and created some number of small lakes on top of this sub-ceiling the water then followed the screws holding the electrical box to the ceiling causing the downpour inside the studio room from the electrical box.  Unfortunately sealing the screws here just made the water leak in other places.

Next we next found water leaking in from around the recessed lights in a storage room.

Unit 552A Storage Room Ceiling leaking (click for super large image)

Unit 552A Storage Room Ceiling leaking (click for super large image)

Also in the storage room near that light we found water dripping down through the sub-ceiling.

So we then climbed into the crawlspace above the Storage room and what did we find…

Puddles forming on sub-ceiling (click for super large image)

Puddles forming on sub-ceiling (click for super large image)

As you can see on the right side there is a pool (puddle) of water that has been growing in size since the rains started.  You can also see standing water on the top of the recessed light fixture. And then finally the large amount of termite droppings imply this area has had wet wood perfect for termites for a long time.

What is directly above this storage room – located on the North West side of the building?  The Burbank Tower sign.

Time to bring in a general contractor.

Rain drops are failing from the electrical conduit?

Well Silicon Valley got it’s first couple rains in at least the year 2014… And… water leaking starts leaking from the electrical boxes?


552 S. Bascom Avenue, Unit 552A (upstairs main studio room ceiling)

As you can see in this first picture – the upstairs unit which is located on the “upper roofline”  located under the burbank tower sign; has electrical conduit (blue pipes) on the ceiling, also shown in this picture are 2″ EMT pipes incorrectly installed as a lighting batten (should have been 1.5″ ID gas pipe).

Electrical Box - water in upper right corner of picture

Electrical Box – water in upper right corner of picture

On this shot you can see water leaking from inside the electrical box, running down from the right upper – well technically North West side of the box (the picture is from someone standing directly under the box)


Zoom of Electrical Box with water leaking from upper roof inside box.

Zoom of Electrical Box with water leaking from upper roof inside box. (click for super large image)

This one small little hole turned into a mini-garden hose during the storms of early December 2014, dumping water directly onto the dance floor in the upstairs Unit 552A.

Obviously the upper roof need to be fully inspected to determine the full scope of the problems.