Burbank Theater Decline 1960s

Burbank Theater History can be found in places like Cinema Treasures by clicking HERE.

But we decided to add some extra info. So we know in 1949 the building was built… we know it ran 2nd run films or older, speaking with locals in the area, one gentlemen remembers going to this Theater with his Parents who were immigrants and were able to watch films in Italian.

So what happened? Why did this beautiful theater start down the spiral of decay decades before any other single screen theater?  The answer is Highway 280.

Burbank Theater 1950 - Aerial Shot

Burbank Theater 1950 – Aerial Shot

As you can see the Federal Government and State of California decided carve straight through the only parking lot the Theater had.  Parkmoor Ave ( or park no more depending on your point of view ) became the primary freeway exit to get to S Bascom Avenue.

Burbank Theater 2013 - Aerial Shot

Burbank Theater 2013 – Aerial Shot

Effectively this was the beginning of the decline for this once great Theater… it was not long after that the place was sold and more seedy uses became the norm here.

And even today, with only 10 parking spaces – all of which are located in the right away for S. Bascom Avenue, any use for this property is still greatly limited.


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